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Jamaica... THE Island for Sightseeing and Cool Day Trips

Choose some great activities In or Near Little Bay!

Beyond the relaxation of just hanging out in the hammocks under the almond trees, coconuts and palms, snorkeling and getting some welcome sun in sweet easy going Little Bay, visitors get some exercise and just plain explore the area. It's easy to meet people and chat it up abit at the beach, local bamboo bars and restaurants, maybe even take in a friendly game of dominoes in one of the many shops in the area. Below are some local activities in or near Little Bay that fill the days with a little adventure.

As they say "try it, you'll like it"!

Mineral Spring Swim - Little Bay, Jamaica...

Known as Bob Marley's bathing spring this brackish mineral spring is a great cool off spot on those sunny hot days, is an easy walk from anywhere and is near in the town center though private. Any local can show you the way.

Annual Donkey Derby races - Little Bay, Jamaica...

Uncle Sam's annual donkey races is held in February and is a great way to sample the foods and drinks of Jamaica in a day of donkey racing competition with hugely entertaining riding and party time Jamaica style fun.

JamWest Drag Racing - Old Hope, Jamaica...


The second of only two 1/2 mile straight track drag strips in Jamaica is located just a few miles from Little Bay in Old Hope. Fast Jamaican racing style with grandstands and great country cooked food and drink selections on site. Schedules can be checked at http://jamwest.com

Roaring River and Cave Tours Petersfield, Jamaica..

Trips to stroll along a Jamaican river and see an interesting cave.

YS Falls - Black River, Jamaica..

A wonderful multiple waterfall located outside of Black River is just 40 minutes from Little Bay. Hike up the falls trails and take a cooling swim or hang under the cascading waterfalls for a invigorating water massage.

Foods and Drinks - Tiki's Guinip Tree Restaurant and Bar , Shorty's Restaurant and Catering, Sam's Bamboo Bar - Little Bay, Jamaica... .


There are several local bars and restaurants in Little Bay. Each are unique and offer different Jamaican style food choices such as conch and dapper soup, fry fish or fry chicken, curry and jerk dishes, brown stew chicken and all have their own take on traditional rice and peas and coconut pumpkin rice with calaloo and cole slaws. Seasonally there are specialties like curry and stew crab, curry goat and roast pork. Of course a Red Stripe or other blended fruit beverages would compliment the original Jamaican flavors. Full up, mon!

Arts and Crafts Centers - Little Bay, Jamaica..

There are several wood carvers and basket weavers on the way and in Little Bay. Watch them create hand crafts and ask the basket weavers offer lessons in traditional palm basket weaving. Local souvenir shopping can be fun in Little Bay. Try Levitas shop for Jamaican arts, crafts and memorabilia and stop into the Toby and Alishia Craft Shop for authentic hand crafted Jamaican palm leaf baskets.

Jurassic Park - Orange Hill, Jamaica


On the way to or from Negril from Little Bay you can take the west end road and see an interesting sculptural park where working welders transform steel into incredible prehistoric creatures.

Levitas, Arts and Crafts Shopping- Little Bay, Jamaica..


Why put up with the hassle and haggle of the Negril souvenir marketers when Levita can show you her great selection of t-shirts and traditional crafts, local carved coconut collectibles, hats, baskets and unique wood carvings. Shop unpressured with Levitas smile and friendly conversation to guide you. Shop locally and support the community at the same time.

Jamaican Plants and Botanical Nursery Tours - Little Bay, Jamaica


Meet Terri and Richi for free tours of the local Little Bay Botanical Nursery. Visitors often will buy plants as gifts to be donated to the grounds and gardens of the local all-age school. The owner Terri will be happy to introduce you to the beautiful world of tropical jamaican flowering plants. Come and pick a spot at at the school and plant them yourself with the help of the children.

Sea Cave Exploring by Boat - Little Bay, Jamaica

Take a boat ride up the coast from Little bay to see the sea caves on the way to negril -There are five caves included with the light house cave and the pirate cave being the most famous - Crystal blue waters and a 70% chance of seeing dolphins, turtles and flying fish along the way.

Lost Beach Boat Tours and Beach Walks - Little Bay, Jamaica


Day trips by boat along the area of relatively uninhabited beach called Lost Beach can be arranged with local boat captains Richi or Solon, with picnicking, swimming, and long strolls along miles of beach where no one is around. This excursion is unique and equals paradise found.

Sea Fishing - Little Bay, Jamaica


Half day and full day trips can be arranged with one of several Little Bay fisherman. Jamaican sea fishing is different in many ways as the boats are unique, fast and the tackle sometimes unconventional. Enjoy fishing Jamaica style with Captain Richi or Captain Solon for tuna, kingfish, barracuda, mahi mahi, and spend some enjoyable time learning the special techniques of the boat captains.

Lobster and Fish Pot Pulling - Little Bay, Jamaica


For early risers, trips to join fishermen as they boat leisurely along the seaside reefs checking their fish pots. This can be a wonderful introduction to the fishes, lobster and crab harvested as a part of this traditional activity. Two or so hour trips are the usual length of time.

Cave Tour - Local Nature walks in Little Bay, Jamaica.....

Local Jamaicans can give guided cave tours and nature walks through the bush to introduce visitors to the local trees, plants, orchids and the Jamaican terrain. All trips can be made on foot to explore the Little Bay Cave and bush tours are only a few hours long but the activity is always fun..

Local Sports - Little Bay, Jamaica

Little Bay offers opportunities for playing soccer, volleyball on the beach, cricket and bike riding.

Snorkel Little Bay Reefs - Little Bay, Jamaica

Little Bay offers wonderful snorkeling opportunities as the six miles of area shoreline in considered one of the last remaining unspoiled shorelines in Jamaica. Eco studies have produced the following photos shot in and near Little Bay.


Savannah LaMar - Sav La Mar, Jamaica.. .


Day trips into the thriving stores watermelon cart fronts and vegetable markets offer a unique shopping and cultural experience. Trips to Sav can be arranged easily by local taxi or by boat from Little Bay. Sav is only about 25 minutes from Little Bay.

Adventures near Negril?

Negril 7 Mile Beach Activities- Negril, Jamaica..


Trips to stroll along the sand and shore of 7 mile beach in Negril also offer music venues, arts and crafts markets and art galleries. Negril is only about 25 minutes from Little Bay. Rick's Cafe is a favorite for watching sunsets and those brave enough for cliff diving into the azure blue waters. Music venues up and down the beach offer plenty of riddims for the soul.

Negril Royal Palm Reserve Nature Area - Negril, Jamaica...An eco-tourism adventure this reserve is an amazingly beautiful and tranquil coconut and palm forest within the Great Morass. See sport fish from the board walk and climb the lookout tower to see the Negril area - Featuring 100 acres of wetland and morass near the negril golf club.

Negril Golf Club - Negril, Jamaica...

Little Bay is about 20 minutes from the golf club. Enjoy 18 holes among the palms and coconuts in an area noted for it's vast plain of sugar cane..

Sandy Key Reef and The Negril Marine Park - Negril, Jamaica

This is a wonderful protected marine area with large variety of corals and fish - Little Bay captains can arrange boat trips for snorkeling and for some lunch at a restaurant on the Negril's 7 mile beach - See spotted and sting rays, eels, sea cucumbers, star fish and hundreds of sergeant major fish - Ask the captain and he will swim with you to show you the different fishes.


Visit Little Bay Jamaica for Sun Fun.


All photography and descriptions courtesy Denis Dale ©2007 - Underwater coral photos by Jamaica ECO-Studies

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